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ADM will manage all of your tooling needs regardless of design, type, process or budget. Tooling is a critical component of any successful project regardless of industry application. ADM’s experience, vendor base and networking solutions provides its customers with performance, reliability and affordability. ADM also provides tooling maintenance, storage and transportation options for all our clients.

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ADM utilizes the most advanced manufacturing process and technology for all of our clients’ projects. Material selection, strength, color, weight, density, durability, cost and environmentally friendly materials are just a few of the elements to be evaluated for the manufacturing process. From investment casting to micro injection molding to dual injection molding, ADM utilizes state of the art lean manufacturing process and procedures for all of its clients’ projects.

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Prototyping is an important and exciting part of a project’s evolution. ADM staff have a prototyping to first article accuracy of 96% over our twenty one year history. ADM provides our clients with a variety of prototyping options such as stereo lithography models, 3-D printed models, CNC first articles, resign mold models, cellulose formed models and hand made models.

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ADM has a full in-house design department dedicated to our clients’ needs.  Our design department includes graphic and mechanical personnel which are supported by our engineering department staff. The seamless connection between our graphic/mechanical design teams and our engineering department enables us to quickly bring our clients’ projects to life.

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ADM is your partner for manufacturing success at every step.

The ADM team of experienced professionals are dedicated to our clients. We bring our 20 years of manufacturing experience to each project and every customer regardless of size.

ADM is an American owned and operated company.

Our American staff combined with our Taiwanese staff, makes communication and efficiency a seamless solution for all of our clients.  Using advanced collaboration technology, our ability to complete projects with high manufacturing standards is unmatched.

ADM’s success is achieved when our clients potential success is achieved.

We strive to make our customers successful and profitable with speed and efficiency. Our goal is to build long term relationships with our clients providing them the ultimate and efficient manufacturing resource.